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David VanDrunen Personal Pages

On The Writing of Essays

A Biblical Case for Natural Law
Bioethics and the Christian Life: A Guide to Making Difficult Decisions
Divine Covenants and Moral Order: A Biblical Theology of Natural Law
Living in God's Two Kingdoms
Natural Law and the Two Kingdoms: A Study in the Development of Reformed Social Thought
Pattern of Sound Doctrine (editor)
The Law is not of Faith: Essays on Works and Grace in the Mosaic Covenant (co-editor)

He has written essays and articles in various publications, including:
Always Reformed (contributor)
American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly
By Faith Alone: Answering the Challenges to the Doctrine of Justification (contributor)
Calvin Theological Journal
Covenant, Justification, and Pastoral Ministry (contributor)
International Journal of Systematic Theology
Journal of Church and State
Journal of Law and Religion
Journal of Markets and Morality
Liberty University Law Review
Modern Reformation
New Horizons
Ordained Servant
The Law is not of Faith (contributor)
The Outlook
University of British Columbia Law Review
Westminster Theological Journal
HT502 The Theology of Thomas Aquinas
ST602 Doctrine of Christ
ST605 Doctrine of Man
ST630 Issues in Bioethics
ST701 Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
ST702 The Christian Life
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