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A Scripture Index to Ratramnus, On the Body and the Blood


Of On the Body and Blood of the Lord
By Ratramnus of Corbie (Oxford: John Henry Parker, 1838)
Index prepared by the Rev Mr Shane Lems, MDiv


Note: References to paragraph numbers given (i.e. XI, LXI, etc.)

1 Cor 1.10 II

1 Cor 10.1-4 LXXVIII

1 Cor 10.1-4 XX

1 Cor 10.17 XCV

1 Cor 10.3-4 LXI

1 Cor 10.4 XXIV

1 Cor 10.4 XXV

1 Cor 11.26 XCIX

1 Cor 12.27 XCV

Acts 20.28 XC

Heb 11.1 XI

Heb 7.26-27 XXXIX

Is 7.9 XCIII

John 15.5 VII

John 6.50 LII

John 6.50 LXXIX

John 6.50 LXXVIII

John 6.51 VII

John 6.53 XXIX

John 6.55 LXX

John 6.61-2 XXX

John 6.61-62 LXXX

John 6.63 CI

John 6.63 LXXXI

John 6.63 XXXI

John 6.64 LXXXII

Lam 4.20 LXI

Lam 4.20 LXV

Luke 22.19 XCIX

Luke 22.19-20 XXVII

Luke 22.20 XIII

Luke 24.39 LXXXIX

Matt 26.26 LVI

Matt 26.26 XIII

Matt 26.28 XIII

Matt 6.11 VII

Ps 104.15 LXIV

Ps 78.25 XXVI

Ps 78.25 LI

Rom 6.9 LXXVI

Rom 8.9 LXXXI

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