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R. Scott Clark Personal Pages

Select MA (Historical Theology) Alumni

Richard Bishop ('02)

Rich is currently a PhD student working under leading patrologist Dr Robert Wilken at the University of Virginia. Rich recently gave a paper to the Patristics Study Group at the 2006 Evangelical Theological Society, "Render the Basilica unto Caesar? Ambrose of Milan on Church and Empire." Rich also taught a well-received Patristics Seminar at WSC this past January.

Brannan Ellis ('07)

Our most recent graduate, Brannan has been accepted to doctoral studies in the University of Aberdeen in Systematic Theology with Dr. John Webster. Brannan wrote an outstanding MA thesis on the theology of Peter van Mastricht. His work was particularly notable because most of it was drawn from untranslated Latin texts. Brannan's research into van Mastrict's theology constitutes an unusually useful contribution to the understanding of van Mastricht's theology.

Ryan Glomsrud ('04)

Ryan is a member of Pembroke College, Oxford. Beside mastering the arcane art of cricket, he is writing an important D.Phil. thesis at the University of Oxford under the supervision of Prof. George Pattison, the Lady Margaret Professor of Divinity. Ryan's thesis topic is, "Karl Barth and the Reformed Tradition." Much has been written about Barth, arguably the most important theologian of the twentieth century, but few scholars have investigated his use, knowledge of, and relations to Reformed orthodoxy.

Lauren Kim ('00)

Having earned an M.Litt Lauren is now a Ph.D student in the Reformation Studies Institute in St Andrews University (Scotland). Her PhD thesis topic is "French Royal Acts Printed Before 1601: A Bibliographical Study." She is conducting her groundbreaking research in Scotland and France under Dr Andrew Pettegree.

Toby Kurth ('03)

Toby is writing his PhD diss. at the State University of New York (Stony Brook) under the supervision of one of the premier scholars of Colonial America, Dr Ned Landsman. His dissertation title is, "'A Diversity of Sentiment': Enlightenment, Pietism, and the Working out of Ecclesiastical Authority in Colonial Presbyterianism." This research promises to be a particularly useful contribution to the academic discussion of colonial presbyterianism.

Marcus McArthur ('04)

Marcus is finishing his first year of doctoral studies in American History under the supervision of Dr Lewis Perry.

Patrick O' Banion ('02)

Patrick was recently featured in the Calvin Courrier from the Meeter Center (Calvin Seminary). Patrick is currently a PhD student in the History Dept at St Louis University researching sacramental confession in early modern Roman Catholicism.

He has also recently received an Andrew W. Mellon/ACLS diss. completion fellowship and a Charlotte Newcome Fellowship to support his research for the next academic year. He is presently in Spain having already won a Fulbright Fellowship!

He has published a couple of essays in the last 24 months or so. Most recently he published, "The Pastoral Use of the Book of Revelation in Late Tudor England," in the Journal of Ecclesiastical History 57 (2006): 693-710.

Joshua Rosenthal, ('00) Ph.D., University of Arizona (2005).

Josh was the first alumnus of our HT program to win a Fulbright Fellowship. He began his PhD studies in Tucson with the the world-renowned scholar of the late medieval and Reformation periods, Heiko Augustinus Oberman (1930-2001). After Dr Oberman's death, Joshua finished his PhD studies with Susan Karant-Nunn, one of the world's leading Reformation scholars and Director of the Medieval, Renaissance and Reformation Studies, University of Arizona. His PhD dissertation was "The Sword That Divides And Bonds That Tie: Faith And Family In The French Wars Of Religion." He currently lives and teaches in Maine.

You can find more information regarding our MA in Historical Theology here.

Always Reformed (co-editor)
Baptism, Election and the Covenant of Grace
Caspar Olevian and the Substance of the Covenant
Caspar Olevianus, An Exposition of the Apostles’ Creed (editor)
Classic Reformed Theology (series editor)
Covenant, Justification, and Pastoral Ministry (editor)
Protestant Scholasticism: Essays in Reassessment (co-editor)
Recovering the Reformed Confession

He has written essays and articles in various publications, including:
A Companion to Paul in the Reformation (contributor)
Caspar Olevianus, An Exposition of the Apostles’ Creed (contributor)
Concordia Theological Quarterly
Covenant, Justification, and Pastoral Ministry (contributor)
Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception (contributor)
Modern Reformation
Reforming or Conforming? (contributor)
Semper Reformanda
Sober, Strict, and Scriptural (contributor)
The Compromised Church (contributor)
The Confessional Presbyterian
The Faith Once Delivered (contributor)
The New Dictionary of Christian Apologetics (contributor)
The New Dictionary of Theology (contributor)
The Pattern of Sound Doctrine (contributor)
The Westminster Confession into the 21st Century (contributor)
Theological Guide to Calvin's Institutes (contributor)
Westminster Theological Journal
CH527 Ecclesiastical Latin I
CH528 Ecclesiastical Latin II
CH601 The Ancient Church
CH602 The Medieval Church and the Reformation
HT566 History of Covenant Theology
HT602 Patristics Seminar
HT606 Medieval Theology Seminar
HT611 Reformed Scholasticism
HT615A Reformed Confessions
HT709 Thesis Proposal
HT710 Thesis
ST615A Reformed Confessions & Catechisms
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