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A Synopsis of the Three Forms of Unity

Belgic Confession (1561), Heidelberg Catechism (1563) & the Canons of Dort (1619)

Revised 1998.© 2001 R. Scott Clark. All Rights Reserved.



This harmony differs from many of the others in that it begins with the Confession which recognizes its natural pedagogical and chronological priority over the Catechism and the Canons. Confession is the product of the work of the departments of theology (exegesis, dogmatics, historical & practical theology). In turn, catechesis is the product of confession.

The Canons are a clarification of the Reformed soteriology inherent to the Catechism and the Confession. The canons however, have a special place in that they address only two loci of theology and are not therefore a comprehensive confession and thus they are correlated to the two earlier documents which the Synod ratified and adopted.

Topic Belgic Articles Heidelberg Questions Canons of Dort
God 1 25, 53  
General Revelation 2    
Special Revelation 3-7 19, 21  
Trinity 8-11    
Creation & Providence 12-3 1, 26-8  
Sin 14-5 2-11 III/IV & RE
Election 16    
Christology 17-9 14-8, 29-52  
Soteriology 20-3 2, 12-3, 20-4, 56, 60-4 I, II, III/IV, V & RE
Sanctification 24-6 86-129  
Ecclesiology 27-32 54-5  
Sacraments 33-5 65-85  
Magistracy 36 104  
Eschatology 37 57-9, 114  
Always Reformed (co-editor)
Baptism, Election and the Covenant of Grace
Caspar Olevian and the Substance of the Covenant
Caspar Olevianus, An Exposition of the Apostles’ Creed (editor)
Classic Reformed Theology (series editor)
Covenant, Justification, and Pastoral Ministry (editor)
Protestant Scholasticism: Essays in Reassessment (co-editor)
Recovering the Reformed Confession

He has written essays and articles in various publications, including:
A Companion to Paul in the Reformation (contributor)
Caspar Olevianus, An Exposition of the Apostles’ Creed (contributor)
Concordia Theological Quarterly
Covenant, Justification, and Pastoral Ministry (contributor)
Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception (contributor)
Modern Reformation
Reforming or Conforming? (contributor)
Semper Reformanda
Sober, Strict, and Scriptural (contributor)
The Compromised Church (contributor)
The Confessional Presbyterian
The Faith Once Delivered (contributor)
The New Dictionary of Christian Apologetics (contributor)
The New Dictionary of Theology (contributor)
The Pattern of Sound Doctrine (contributor)
The Westminster Confession into the 21st Century (contributor)
Theological Guide to Calvin's Institutes (contributor)
Westminster Theological Journal
CH527 Ecclesiastical Latin I
CH528 Ecclesiastical Latin II
CH601 The Ancient Church
CH602 The Medieval Church and the Reformation
HT566 History of Covenant Theology
HT602 Patristics Seminar
HT606 Medieval Theology Seminar
HT611 Reformed Scholasticism
HT615A Reformed Confessions
HT709 Thesis Proposal
HT710 Thesis
ST615A Reformed Confessions & Catechisms
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