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Latest Office Hours: Prudence in Politics with Clarke Forsythe

In recognition of National Sanctity of Human Life Day, observed this year on 18 January 2015, Office Hours talks to Clarke D. Forsythe about Prudence in Politics.

Why Should You Come to Seminary?
Michael S. Horton

According to the surveys, most Americans have at least one Bible. They say they even revere it. Over half say they believe that it’s inspired and inerrant! Yet the same surveys reveal an appalling lack of familiarity with its most basic plot, characters, and teachings. The statistics are pretty even for those from evangelical, “Bible-believing” backgrounds.

The church’s role in culture?

What is the church's role in culture? In this video from the Gospel Coalition, Westminster's own Mike Horton participates in a round-table discussion with Matt Chandler and Tim Keller. 

The Word on the Street: Living in God’s Two Kingdoms

We here at VFT are excited for one of our colleagues, Dr. VanDrunen. His latest book, Living in God's Two Kingdoms is getting noticed in a number of places.