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Book Review: Politics According to the Bible by Grudem

In Politics According to the Bible:  A Comprehensive Resource for Understanding Modern Political Issues in Light of Scripture, Wayne Grudem attempts to provide exactly what the title advertises, but the result is less than satisfactory.

Book Review: Outliers by Gladwell

No matter the field of work or endeavor in which one finds him/herself, everyone wants to succeed. There is a glut of books at the local bookstore today that fill this “how to be successful” genre. But Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers has a bit of a different take on success.

Book Review: The Tipping Point by Gladwell

Have you ever wondered what contributes to or even causes a crime wave? What if someone told you that the reason could be something as simple as a broken window, graffiti on the wall or even trash on the street? What about motives for choosing a presidential candidate? 

Scientists Say We May Be Alone In the Universe

A recent article reveals that science is not as objective as many would like to think. An scientists from Princeton and the University of Tokyo have challenged one of the commonly accepted theories about the possibility of life on other planets. The currently accepted theory presupposes that out of all of the cosmos, ten thousand planets have the proper conditions to sustain life. 

Jesus or Duane Allman on a Walmart Receipt?

A recent story appeared on the web about an image of "Jesus" appearing on a Walmart receipt. You can find the story and image here. No one wants to question the sincerity of the couple who believe God blessed them. But is it impolite to ask the question, How do they know it's Jesus?