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Free book!
J. V. Fesko

It's not too often that you can get a free book, but here's an opportunity to obtain one! Logos is offering a free e-copy of C. E. B. Cranfield's On Romans and Other New Testament Essays for free

Latest Office Hours! Against Perfectionism with Prof. Joel Kim

Office Hours continues the series entitled, "New Life in the Shadow of Death," by talking with Rev. Joel E. Kim, Assistant Professor of New Testament, about the history of interpreting Romans 7, and the unbiblical teaching of Christian perfectionism.

Latest Office Hours! Dr. Johnson’s Latest Book

Office Hours talks with Dr. Dennis E. Johnson, Professor of Practical Theology, about his recent commentary on Paul's letter to the Philippians, which is available for purchase now at the Bookstore.

Latest Office Hours! Hebrews 13 with Dr. Baugh

The Season 4 series of Office Hours entitled "Jesus is Really Better" concludes with this final episode. This episode features Dr. S.M. Baugh, Professor of New Testament, who takes us through Hebrews 13.

Latest Office Hours! Hebrews 12 with David VanDrunen

The Season 4 series of Office Hours entitled "Jesus is Really Better" continues. This episode features Dr. David M. VanDrunen, Robert B. Strimple Professor of Systematic Theology and Christian Ethics, who takes us through Hebrews 12.