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Why Pastors Need a Seminary Education - Part 5
R. Scott Clark

WSC is old-fashioned in other ways as well. Unlike many seminaries, we still require students to learn to read God's Word in the original languages. This was the vision of our founder, J. Gresham Machen, that Westminster would produce men who are expert in the Bible.

12 / 1 / 2011
Why Pastors Need a Seminary Education - Part 4
R. Scott Clark

In the discussion over the question, "Why seminary?" a frequent objection is that seminary is too expensive. The assumption here seems to be that professional training for our ministers could be done less expensively by frugal pastors who know what they are doing.

11 / 24 / 2011
Why Pastors Need a Seminary Education - Part 3
R. Scott Clark

There is a movement afoot to change the way seminary students are educated. Dissatisfied with the results produced by some schools, some congregations have begun their own in-house seminaries on the ground that sending students away to seminary take them out of the local church. Yes, sending students to seminary does take them out of one local church, but sending them to Westminster Seminary California means that they will find themselves right back in another local church.

11 / 17 / 2011
Why Pastors Need a Seminary Education - Part 2
R. Scott Clark

At WSC we are still old-fashioned enough to believe that a seminary education comes only one way: through hard work. Therefore, while many seminaries are now advertising (quite seductively it seems!) that one can earn a seminary degree without ever leaving home, at WSC we believe that self-sacrifice is a part of ministry.

11 / 10 / 2011
Why Pastors Need a Seminary Education - Part 1
R. Scott Clark

Is seminary worth it? R. Scott Clark answers this question with a resounding "yes." His reasoning will be posted in a series appearing on Thursdays, starting today. 

11 / 3 / 2011