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Dr. Johnson at Pastors Conference in Uganda
Dr. Johnson at Pastors Conference in Uganda

Dr. Johnson will be speaking at a pastor's conference in Uganda this summer. The conference is co-sponsored by African Bible University and Joy to the World Ministries. JTWM was founded by WSC's M.Div. alumnus (from Malawi) Fletcher Matandika, who is now pastor of a church in Vancouver, BC, Canada. While pastoring in Canada, Fletcher continues to lead the ministries of JTWM in Africa. All of the speakers and conference organizers (Fletcher for JTWM, Rev. Tim Hoke for ABU) will be grateful for your prayers, that the Lord will use this conference to equip many African pastors to preach Christ with greater understanding, with greater fidelity to the gospel of his sovereign grace, and with growing, joyful, holy passion.

To find out more about the pastor's conference as well as the different ways you can support it, click here.

You can also find the conference broschure here.