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Latest Faculty Publication! VanDrunen on Natural Law
Latest Faculty Publication! VanDrunen on Natural Law

WSC is pleased to announce the publication of Dr. VanDrunen's latest book, Divine Covenants and Moral Order: A Biblical Theology of Natural Law (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2014). The book has just been released. You can find out more about the book here. This is a thorough-going biblical-theological case for a long-time historic Reformed staple of natural law. Here's what Paul Helm has to say about the book:

"David VanDrunen here continues his sterling work of recovering and re-presenting the Reformed doctrine of the two kingdoms. That there is a biblical-theological account of natural law may be a surprise to those who have habitually thought of natural law in secularized terms. But such law is a divine gift, playing its part in every era. VanDrunen shows that it is a revealed truth, confirmed in experience, and that it undergirds 'the kingdoms of this world.' "

For anyone who wants to understand natural law and the broader category of covenant theology, definitely get a hold of this book. Tolle et lege! ("Take up and read!")