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Justification and Sanctification: Michael S. Horton
December 30,2013   |  Scripture:   |  Type: Interviews, Office Hours

Office Hours talks with Dr. Michael S. Horton about the relationship between justification and sanctification.

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Against Perfectionism (Romans 7)
December 16,2013   |  Scripture:   |  Type: Interviews, Office Hours

Office Hours talks with Rev. Joel E. Kim about the history of interpreting Romans 7 and the unbiblical teaching of Christian perfectionism.

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The Bible and Law
October 14,2013   |  Scripture:   |  Type: Interviews, Office Hours

Office Hours talks with Dr. David M. VanDrunen about a recent volume he co-edited with Robert F. Cochran entitled Law and the Bible: Justice, Mercy and Legal Institutions.

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The Ordo Salutis and the Democracy of the Dead
November 13,2012   |  Scripture:   |  Type: Lecture Series, Inaugural Lectures

A defense of the Reformed tradition's exegesis of Romans 8:29-30 and the doctrine of the ordo salutis.

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Commencement 2010
May 29,2010   |  Scripture:   |  Type: Lecture Series, Commencement

Central to the Apostle Paul's ministerial focus is encouraging other leaders in the church to above all minister to the saints.

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