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Course Audit Opportunities
Course Audit Opportunities

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Course Audit Opportunities

Are you interested in seminary? Are you a church officer interested in continuing education? Are you a layperson interested in learning more about theology? Register to audit a course at Westminster Seminary California or take advantage of the discounted Listener's Pass rate! More info at the bottom of the page.


Summer 2019

The Life and Theology of Martin Luther

Dr. Carl Trueman
Aug. 13-16 (Tue-Fri) | 1-4pm
1 credit | WSC Campus

This course examines the life and thought of Martin Luther in context.  Adopting a broadly chronological/biographical framework, it will assess Luther’s relationship to the medieval Catholic Church, his role in the controversies of the time, and his ongoing significance for the Protestant church.  Particular topics to be discussed include: Luther and late medieval theology; the crisis over indulgences; the Heidelberg Disputation; church authority; scripture; justification by faith; the Christian’s calling; Luther’s marriage; Luther as pastor; the conflicts with Erasmus and Zwingli; the Augsburg Confession and the Schmalkaldic League; the Jews; Luther’s later years; the struggle over his ecclesiastical legacy; and his changing reputation after his death.

By the end of the course the student should:

  • Know the major events and personalities of Luther’s life.
  • Understand the theological significance of his work for the sixteenth century church.
  • Understand the contextual factors which shaped his life and ministry.
  • Be able to make connections between Luther’s theological contribution in his time and the shape and state of the Protestant church today.

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Fall 2019


Dr. S. M. Baugh
September 5-December 6 (Thursday Evenings) | 6:30-7:30pm
1 credit | WSC Campus

The class will help students to advance in their exegetical knowledge and facility by studying the inter-relation of covenant and kingdom in the Bible and will focus on syntactical, lexical, literary and theological analysis primarily of New Testament (NT) passages in the light of these topics. We will study various introductory issues on both covenant and kingdom from select Old Testament (OT) texts, then spend the bulk of the time in the NT. While the analysis of the Bible texts will be conducted from their original languages, no knowledge of them is required by students.

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Registration Options

1) Register to audit with a Listener's Pass by completing the form and paying a special $75 Listener's Pass fee:

2) Register to Audit for Free as a WSC Alum or Current Student (no academic credit). Contact Danny Marriott to register.  

3) Apply to take the course as a Visiting or Non-Matriculating Student (for academic credit) This course is available for graduate level academic credit from Westminster Seminary California at the regular tuition rate of $475 per credit hour (2 credit hours) for students admitted to a WSC degree program or as a Visiting or Non-Matriculating student. The deadline to submit an application is the first day of the semester, September 6th.  Upon admission, you will be provided with registration information for this course.

If you have questions about the course or any of the registration options, you are welcome to email the Office of Admissions or call 888-480-8474 for help.