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Jerusalem University College
Jerusalem University College

Walk where Jesus walked as you study the settings of the Bible on location. Jerusalem University College, also known as the American Institute of Holy Land Studies, was founded in 1957 to provide students the opportunity to gain a sense of the geographical and historical contexts of the events of Scripture. WSC students may take short term courses such as “Jesus and His Times” or “Geographical and Historical Settings of the Bible” to gain a deeper appreciation for the playing field of biblical history. While staying on campus at “Mt. Zion” in Jerusalem, students travel the land with guides experienced in connecting what you see to the biblical story, and gain an appreciation for the insights (and limitations) of the study of physical and historical geography and biblical archeology for understanding Scripture.



"To be in the land where it all took place is a special privilege and a life-long enriching experience for the student and teacher of the Word. All of us faculty who have spent time in the land have been moved and permanently impacted by the experience. To stand in the synagogues where Jesus taught in Galilee, to go through the tunnel Hezekiah built, to visit Masada and Ein Gedi (a refuge for David in the Judean wilderness) is to touch history and more poignantly appreciate what God did for his people in concrete space and time."

—Dr. Charles K. Telfer



WSC is a member of the Consortium of Associate Schools of Jerusalem University College (CASJUC). The Consortium has a membership of more than 85 schools and provides students the ability to take short-term courses that focus on the culture, history, languages, and geography of the Holy Land. Students interested in these courses should consult for more information.


For questions on transfer credit contact the registrar’s office at WSC. For specific information on courses, costs, timetables and other details, click the link below.

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