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Meet A Student/Graduate

Shane Lems

Shane Lems

“Why did you choose Westminster Seminary California?” I have heard this question many times since I came to Escondido three years ago, and my answers have always been these three reasons:

Gospel-centered Teaching
The biggest reason why I moved my family 2000 miles away from home to study here is because WSC cares about the gospel. I don’t think I sat through a single class without hearing something about Christ. The counseling classes emphasized the gospel; the homiletic department’s motto was clearly, “Preach Christ;” the NT and OT lectures were saturated with the good news. I could go on! I remember one professor warning future pastors like myself: “If your sermon doesn’t have Christ in it, don’t step behind the pulpit.”

 An Outstanding Faculty
When I was looking for a seminary, I found that WSC has a better faculty than any other Reformed seminary. After three years of classes, I say the same: the professors at WSC are indeed experts in their respective fields and are not afraid to work their students academically! I have benefited from the rich academic atmosphere which has prepared me to interact with intellectually robust theological topics – whether critical or conservative.

A Solid Commitment to Reformed Theology
Another reason why I came to WSC is because of the emphasis on Reformed confessional orthodoxy. Each professor has an evident love for the Reformed faith. From the lectures in systematic theology to Hebrew or Greek exegesis to homiletic critique, the Reformation shines through. This emphasis on confessional and historical Reformed theology has given me a solid foundation, and I have come to appreciate and enjoy it more than ever.

I believe WSC equips students for future ministry with a solid rooting in exegesis, theology, and history. I have already experienced how WSC has given me the tools to engage people on a practical, every day level. My education at WSC has prepared me to teach and preach the gospel to those who face the everyday sufferings and joys of the Christian life.

If you are considering studies at WSC, be prepared. Be prepared to learn how to read the Bible; be prepared to learn so much about Christ it’ll make you laugh and cry at the same time; be prepared to wrestle and sweat over Hebrew and Greek; be prepared to enter into the very ethos of Reformed, historic orthodoxy and all the other uniquely wonderful Reformed truths. This is the Christian faith of our fathers: if you want it, it is here at Westminster Seminary California. 

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