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Meet A Student/Graduate

Ted Hamilton

Ted Hamilton

How were you introduced to WSC and why did you choose to attend WSC? 

My good friend and former law partner, Doug Abendroth (M.Div, 2005), introduced me to WSC.  Doug knew Dr. W. Robert Godfrey and I fondly recall a thoroughly enjoyable lunch Doug set up with Dr. Godfrey to talk about WSC as I was considering the call to ministry.  Given my home in Southern California, and my Reformed convictions, WSC was the clear and really only choice for me—even though it was a long commute everyday from Irvine!

What particular truths or experiences that you gained from WSC do you find most important and valuable now?

Without question, it’s the truth that all of Scripture reveals Jesus Christ.  It is that grid which informs everything I do—from preaching to counseling.  And it is what I see the Holy Spirit using in the lives of people to bring them to faith and to cause them to grow in the grace and the knowledge of Jesus Christ.
Do you have an unforgettable memory from your time at WSC?

Too many to recount!  If I have to point to just one, it would be the one-on-one meetings with Dr. Edmund Clowney after my class sermons and his prayers in those meetings—for me!  I won’t ever forget that privilege.

How did your education at WSC prepare you for your present responsibilities?

WSC gave me all the tools I need and use in my ministry at New Life—from the languages and counseling wisdom, to preaching skills and the understanding of both the detail and the grand sweep of God’s revelation in his Word.  I honestly believe that I was better prepared for ministry coming out of WSC than I was for the practice of law coming out of law school!   A day hardly goes by when I’m not consciously grateful for my preparation at WSC.

What, in your opinion, makes WSC a unique and important institution?

WSC has managed to resist the seemingly inevitable liberalizing drift that has infected other institutions.  Because of that, it provides an education that you can trust in every respect. Its commitment to high academic standards, the mastery of the biblical languages, and to turning out pastor-scholars makes WSC an important asset to the Church of Jesus Christ.

What advice would you give to prospective students considering seminary?

Don’t make a decision about what seminary you’re going to attend without first taking a long look at WSC.  There are few seminaries that will stretch you academically like WSC, and as a result of that stretching, you will be better prepared than most for the rigors of ministry.  And there are also few seminaries that will afford you the opportunities to learn in a small class environment, and really get to know and meaningfully interact with your professors.  It’s a great school, and I’m honored to be associated with it.

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