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Alumni Spotlight: Rev. Peter Cho

MDIV, 1993

Since graduating from the MDIV program in 1993, Rev. Peter Cho has sought to glorify Christ, promote His Gospel, and serve His Church in a variety of ways. His early ministry began here in Southern California, where he served as a youth pastor for Cerritos Presbyterian Church in Artesia, CA for several years. In 1997, he joined the Cerritos Presbyterian Mission of Paraguay and planted Marangatu Church in Villa Elisa, Paraguay, where he has served as the senior pastor for 24 years and counting.

As he began ministering in Paraguay, Rev. Cho quickly recognized the value of a Christ-centered education for the young people in his communities. In 2000, he became the general director of the Cerritos School, which will soon celebrate its 30th anniversary of raising up future leaders in Paraguay. Additionally, Rev. Cho has been a daily speaker for a Christian radio program since 2005. His multifaceted ministry aims to fulfill the Mission’s goal of seeing the flag of Christ fly in every corner of Paraguay.

Looking back on his time in seminary and ministry, Rev. Cho shared this charge with the WSC community: “I realize, once again, how much of a blessing it is for us as members of the WSC community to be built upon a Reformed theological foundation. As times change, may we continue to hold steadfast and work to extend the kingdom of God.”