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Desiring God 2014 Conference for Pastors

Dr. Michael Horton will be a featured speaker.

Alumni Winter Refresher

Alumni Winter Refresher

September 26, 2013

An opportunity for WSC alumni to audit (for FREE!) several one-week Winter Term courses.

Annual Conference 2014 - Transforming Grace: Our Need for Holiness

All believers are called to holiness, but many do not know how to grow in it.

Tampa Bay Conference on Reformed Theology

Dr. W. Robert Godrey will be a featured speaker.

Give From Your IRA Tax-free

Give From Your IRA Tax-free

September 1, 2013

This opportunity is only available for a limited time.

Society of Biblical Literature

Dr. Bryan Estelle will present a paper.

Special Convocation Lecture with Dr. Manfred Svensson

Dr. Svensson is professor of philosophy at the University of the Andes.

Christian Legal Society Lecture

Dr. David VanDrunen will give a lecture.

Dr. Godfrey at Google Hangout by Ligonier

He will discuss the perils facing the evangelical church, our need for theological integrity, and more!

Princeton Regional Conference on Reformed Theology 2013

Dr. Dennis E. Johnson will be a featured speaker.