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Campus Fully Open For Spring Semester

Despite the recent spike in COVID-19 cases due to the Omicron variant, the county health situation is improving such that our temporary switch to hybrid this past Winter term is no longer deemed necessary. The campus returned to classroom-only instruction beginning the first day of Spring Term, Tuesday, February 8. All other on-campus activities will comply with County and State health guidelines currently in place.

The administration recognizes that the health situation continues to pose challenges for continuity of education and accommodations are being made for COVID-related health challenges much like Fall 2021. 

WSC is a community of trust, which means that we each bear a measure of responsibility for both class attendance and the health of our community. Caring for the physical needs of our community alongside its intellectual and spiritual needs will continue to require adjustments from all of us. But our commitment to “face-to-face” education as a value that makes a WSC education unique.

We will continue to update our guidelines for COVID-related issues as the semester continues.