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WSC at The Gospel Coalition Conferences

WSC will have a presence at The Gospel Coalition National Conference and Women's Conference.

The Gospel Coalition Women's Conference (April 8-11)

  • WSC Admissions Counselor Cassady Schulte & alumnus Charity Akampurira will be exhibiting at the WSC booth (booth #15)

The Gospel Coalition National Conference (April 12-14)

  • WSC Admissions Cassady Schulte & Brennen Winter exhibiting at the WSC booth (Booth #15, same location as TGCW)
  • A book giveaway will be announced!


Dr. Horton, Justification: Again?
April 12, 10am (Breakout Session Round 1)
"Drawing from his recently published two-volume book on justification, Dr. Horton will explore the basis for the evangelical doctrine of justification in Scripture, engaging contemporary challenges, interact briefly with the development of the doctrine historically, and share why it’s still important today. For those unsure of the importance of this topic and this breakout, Tim Keller called Horton’s work on justification one of the most important books he’s read in the last 10 years."

Dr. Troxel, With All Your Heart - How to Orient Your Mind, Desires & Will Toward Christ
April 12, 1:30pm (Breakout Session Round 3) 
"Our Lord was crystal clear, to love God “with all your heart” is your top priority. It all starts here—in your heart—for growing in repentance, faith, renewal, holiness, and prayer, for smoking out hypocrisy and seeing your real motives, for honest relationships with your spouse, family, friends, and Christ. Interested? You should be. If you want to be a true follower of Christ he demands nothing less than all your heart."