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Decian Persecution


1st Hand. To the commission chosen to superintend the sacrifices at the village of Alexander's Isle. From Aurelius Diogenes, son of Satobous, of the village of Alexander's Isle, aged 72 years, with a scar on the right eyebrow. I have always sacrificed to the gods, and now in your presence in accordance with the edict I have made sacrifice, and poured a libation, and partaken of the sacred victims. I request you to certify this petition.

2nd Hand. I, Aurelius Syrus, saw you and your son sacrificing.

3rd Hand. ...onos...

1st Hand. The year one of the Emperor Caesar Gaius Messius Quintus Trajanus Decius Pius Felix Augustus, Epeiph 2 (June 26, 250). [J.R. Knipfing, Harvard Theological Review 16 (1923), 363, slightly altered. J. Stevenson, A New Eusebius, 228].