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Bradley J. Bitner

The Letter of James

Dr. Bitner reads through the letter of James in its entirety in this special morning devotion.

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The Wisdom God Gives

The wisdom we need is the wisdom God gives.

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To Eat of the Tree of Life | Revelation 2:7

For a church facing cultural and doctrinal pressure it is easy to be sharp in doctrine but dull in love for the lost. Eating of the tree that gives life is the promised solution held out by the risen Christ. 

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The Church as Confident

As Christians we may be confident that God is indeed for us in Christ even when our circumstances tempt us to doubt God’s favor toward us and presence with us.

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Boasting Subverted, Boasting Inverted

All human boasting is subverted by the surprising grace of God's calling and election. The Christian's boasting is inverted, redirected away from ourselves toward the cruciform glory of Christ our Mediator.

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Meet the Faculty: Brad Bitner

Resident Faculty, Bradley J. Bitner   |   September 8, 2020   |  Type: Interviews, Office Hours Podcast

In this episode, Office Hours introduces Bradley J Bitner, Associate Professor of New Testament.

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Meet Bradley J. Bitner

Get to know WSC's new Associate Professor of New Testament, Dr. Bradley J. Bitner, in this latest installment of Meet the Faculty

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Paul’s Paradigm for Building up the Church in 1 Corinthians 3:5 - 4:5

A lecture from WSC's new Associate Professor of New Testament, Dr. Bradley J. Bitner

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