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On Jordan’s Stormy Banks | Joshua 3:1-17

Guests, Timothy Scheuers   |   November 22, 2022   |   Old Testament, Joshua   |  Type: Morning Devotions Series

God led his people through the rushing Jordan River to demonstrate that his power and presence are more than sufficient to meet his people’s needs. We serve a God who takes a particular delight in ordaining difficult circumstances to serve as the perfect context in which he proves his unrivaled power on our behalf.  

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Joshua Saw His Day and Rejoiced

Guests, Peter Lillback   |   February 13, 2018   |   Old Testament, Joshua   |  Type: Morning Devotions Series

Just before the collapse of the walls of Jericho, the nation of Israel was circumcised and celebrated the Passover.   

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Conquest and Settlement

Resident Faculty, Bryan D. Estelle   |   February 1, 2006   |   Old Testament, Joshua, Judges, Ruth   |  Type: Articles

The books of Joshua, Judges, and Ruth reveal God’s work in history and illumine two redemptive themes: First, safety comes through faith and obedience; second, disobedience is of no small consequence.