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L. Michael Morales

The Camp of Israel

Guests, L. Michael Morales   |   November 27, 2017   |   Old Testament, Numbers   |  Type: Interviews, Office Hours Podcast

In this episode, Office Hours talks to Dr. L. Michael Morales about his journey into ministry and his work on the book of Numbers and the theology of the Camp of Israel.

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The Theology of the Camp of Israel: Numbers 1- 6

Guests, L. Michael Morales   |   October 5, 2017   |   Old Testament, Numbers   |  Type: Lecture Series, Convocations

Dr. L. Michael Morales, professor of biblical studies at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and a teaching elder in the PCA, discusses the question of, "can draw a theology out of the camp of Israel in Numbers 1 - 6?" And, if so, how should we understand it in light of the rest of Scripture.

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