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Michael S. Horton

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The Church as Pilgrims

This message compares and contrasts being a pilgrim with being a master, on one hand, and a tourist, on the other. 

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Psalm 68

Psalm 68 records the march of God across the desert from Sinai to Zion.  Probably composed for the installation of the ark of the covenant in the Jerusalem temple, this Psalm lies at the heart of Israel’s story—and ours as well.  

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Created in the Image of God

What distinguishes us from chimpanzees? In addition to identifying the obvious physical differences, we usually make the case that this difference lies with something within us, that is, the rational soul. 

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Our God vs. the Idols

Fear drives us to find security in the idols we make instead of the God who has made us, chosen us and redeemed us.  Isaiah 44 justifies trust in the God of Israel and displays the foolishness of trusting idols. 

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Why Do Christians Need Doctrine?

Dr. Horton explains the importance of doctrine for Christians in this installment of Westminster Answers.

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A Real Atonement for Real Sinners

Did Jesus make salvation possible for all or did he actually save his people from their sins?

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Resident Faculty, Michael S. Horton   |   December 10, 2018   |  Type: Interviews, Office Hours Podcast

Office Hours talks to Dr. Michael Horton about his new books, "Justification," a two-volume set. 

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Old School in a New Age

Resident Faculty, Michael S. Horton   |   November 12, 2018   |  Type: Articles, UPDATE Magazine

"It has been my pleasure to serve the church as a minister and, on loan, as a professor at Westminster Seminary California (WSC) for two decades. Many reasons come to mind when I consider why I feel so privileged to be a part of this institution. But one that stands out is its identity as an old school in a new age."


Jacob’s Ladder and the Gospel

Like his grandfather Abraham, Jacob has nothing in his waking world to guarantee his role as promise-receiver and promise-bearer.  Yet God interrupts his scheming and shame to introduce him to his new world of the gospel.

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Meet Michael S. Horton

Meet Dr. Michael S. Horton, J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics at Westminster Seminary California.

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Feasting in a Fast-Food World

 Being a disciple isn’t convenient.  But for those of us who live in a fast-food world, the anticipated feast makes it all worthwhile.

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The Reformation: Then and Now

Resident Faculty, Michael S. Horton   |   December 25, 2017   |  Type: Interviews, Office Hours Podcast

Office Hours talks with Dr. Michael Horton about the need for every generation of Christians to come together and witness to the treasures of the gospel.  

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Jesus Goes to a Funeral

The good news is that death is the last enemy and has already been defeated by Jesus in his death and resurrection.

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