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Common Grace and Theological Scholarship

Resident Faculty, Dennis E. Johnson   |   July 27, 2010   |  Type: Articles

Can Christians learn aspects of truth from non-Christians?


The Doctrine of Scripture

Resident Faculty, WSC Faculty   |   March 15, 2010   |  Type: Interviews, Office Hours Podcast

A faculty panel explore the relationship between Westminster Seminary California and the doctrine of Scripture.

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1 Corinthians 15:1-11

Has the faith really once and for all been delivered to the saints?

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Prophecy of Scripture

Resident Faculty, Dennis E. Johnson   |   July 12, 2008   |   New Testament, 2 Peter   |  Type: Lecture Series

The Apostle Peter is concerned that with the end of the apostolic era the church will face the problem of its own forgetfulness and the pressure that comes from others who invite us to doubt the Word of God and question the hope of the Gospel.

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Who Needs Systematic Theology?

Resident Faculty, Michael S. Horton   |   May 1, 2008   |  Type: Articles

A system without parts and parts without a system are equally useless for Christian preaching, faith, and practice.


New Student Orientation Devotional

Resident Faculty, W. Robert Godfrey   |   September 5, 2007   |   Old Testament, Psalms   |  Type: Morning Devotions Series

The importance of the Word of God is always to challenge our way of thinking so that our minds might be transformed.

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