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Transforming Grace

Sanctification Applied

Dr. Bryan Estelle discusses sanctification applied in the book of Psalms.

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Sanctification Undermined

Dr. Michael Horton points out two things that have always undermined sanctification - antinomianism and legalism. 

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Sanctification Explained

Resident Faculty, S. M. Baugh   |   January 17, 2014   |  Type: WSC Conferences, Transforming Grace

Dr. S.M. Baugh explains that the fountain of all our sanctification is founded in Christ.

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Sanctification of the Justified

Dr. David VanDrunen explains that we are justified to belong to Christ so that we might bear fruit to produce a harvest of righteousness.

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Sanctification Summarized

Dr. W. Robert Godfrey summarizes sanctification, starting with Romans 3:8.

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