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Resources tagged with “Biblical Theology”

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Sanctification and Virtue

Office Hours talks with Dr. David M. VanDrunen about sanctification and virtue.

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Divine Covenants and Moral Order

Office Hours talks with Dr. David M. VanDrunen about his latest book, Divine Covenants and Moral Order: A Biblical Theology of Natural Law.

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Job 19:25-27

Resident Faculty, Hywel R. Jones   |   July 26,2010   |   Old Testament, Job   |  Type: Morning Devotions Series

Job presents an anticipation of the New Heavens and New Earth contrary to many exegetical proposals.

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Baptism as New Creation

Resident Faculty, J. V. Fesko   |   November 3,2008   |  Type: Lecture Series

A biblical theological analysis of the motif of baptism as new creation.

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The Law and Laws

Resident Faculty, Bryan D. Estelle   |   October 1,2008   |  Type: Articles

An mportant interpretive principle should guide our understanding & application of God's law: the principle of periodicity.


Psalm 88

An analysis of one of the darkest poems in the entire Psalter.

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The Law and Christ

The Law of God was endorsed, expounded, and embodied by Christ.

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The Law and Matthew 5:17

An analysis of Jesus’ relationship with the Mosaic Law.

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The Law and Laws: A Biblical Overview

The principle of periodicity helps us to rightly divide the Word of God.

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Christ at the Center of Theology

Reformed theology does not have a central dogma but at its best attempts to unfold naturally from the history of redemption as we find it in Scripture.

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