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Two Ways of Denying God’s Law and One Way of Affirming It

Resident Faculty, Michael S. Horton   |   December 31, 2007   |  Type: Articles

Because we are recipients of the Gospel, we can no longer offer a witness from a position of moral superiority.


Psalm 88

An analysis of one of the darkest poems in the entire Psalter.

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1 John 2:26-3:6

There is no greater matter that we know than that Jesus Christ appeared to take away sins yet in him there was no sin.

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Luke 23:44-49

The final saying of Jesus on the cross indicates that communion was restored, having accomplished our salvation.

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Kingdom Life

Resident Faculty, Dennis E. Johnson   |   December 2, 2007   |  Type: Articles

God’s long-awaited redemptive reign, invading this sin-stained world to recapture it for its rightful king, had begun in the preaching, miracles, death, resurrection, ascension, and heavenly enthronement of Jesus the Messiah.


Christ in the Historical Books

Resident Faculty, Hywel R. Jones   |   November 30, 2007   |  Type: Articles

The historical books of the OT all fold back on the deliverance of the people of God from Egypt under His rule and care.


1 Kings 5:1-6, 2 Kings 17:6-23

Adjunct Faculty, Zach Keele   |   November 28, 2007   |   Old Testament, 1 Kings, 2 Kings   |  Type: Morning Devotions Series, 1 & 2 Kings

Israel's kings were bent on idolatrous rebellion instead of living in and enjoying the new paradise they've been given.

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James 5:13-20

Guests, Eric Landry   |   November 26, 2007   |   New Testament, James   |  Type: Morning Devotions Series

Prayer mediates the presence of God in our everyday pilgrim faith.

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John 19:28-30

Jesus knew that the Old Testament Scripture was approaching final completeness when He exclaimed "It is finished."

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Psalm 73

Adjunct Faculty, James M. Renihan   |   November 12, 2007   |   Old Testament, Psalms   |  Type: Morning Devotions Series

Jesus Christ is the true temple and dwelling place for God's people.

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Psalm 8; Hebrews 2

A study of how the author to the Hebrews understood and utilized the Hebrew Scriptures in his proclamation of New Covenant realities.

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1 Kings 18:17-19

The antithesis between the people of God and pagan culture is epitomized in the face-off between Elijah and Ahab.

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Matthew 27:45-50

God forsaken of God has everything to do with the amazing love and grace of God toward sinners.

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Christ the Consummation of Wisdom

Resident Faculty, Bryan D. Estelle   |   November 1, 2007   |  Type: Articles

In our search for unity in the Scriptures, we must hear what Proverbs and Ecclesiastes are telling us about retribution.


1 Kings 6:11-13, 9:1-9

King Solomon was a 2nd Adam figure given the task to build God's house and the possibility of merited prosperity and blessing.

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