2023 Japan Vision Trip A Fruitful Week

The 2023 Japan Vision Trip has concluded with students safely back in the United States and a week's worth of learning about the church in Japan. To better understand the needs and inner workings of the churches in Japan, the team spent their Spring Break visiting Nagoya, Tokyo, and Chiba, meeting and greeting the saints in these cities and learning about their congregations, outreach programs, Bible schools, and prayer needs. 

Of the highlights of the trip, the team was able to attend Good Friday and Easter services with the church in Chiba, witness a baptism, visit the Christ Bible Institute in Nagoya, and hear testimonies from Japanese Christians. 

The team worshipped at Kaihin Makuhari Grace Church in Chiba for Easter.

“Our group was split between the two next-door apartment buildings that make up the church,” said Emily Kirby, one of the team members. “We saw the children's ministry sing some songs and witnessed a baptism and testimony… It was a blessing to be in fellowship with our Japanese brothers and sisters on such a celebratory day.”

Roy Kim described the contrast of seeing churches tucked between pagan temples, flourishing shopping malls, and businesses of ill-repute. “In this world of darkness, [churches are] very underfinanced, as you can imagine, if you have no church members, you have very few people tithing.” And yet, Kim said that those churches and church-plants are provided for by the providence of God.

Biblical literacy is very low in Japan and organizations like the Christ Bible Institute are hoping to provide not only theological content but also counselling and pastoral resources as well. 

WSC is grateful for the opportunity to encourage, fellowship with, and grow alongside of fellow believers in the mission of the Gospel. 

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