Audit Opportunities

Auditing a course enables you to listen in on the theological conversations happening at WSC. For select courses, we offer a Listener’s Pass, which allows you to enjoy the benefits of auditing, at a reduced rate ($125.00 per course). Alumni and spouses of current full-time students, faculty, and staff may obtain a Listener’s Pass free of charge.

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Winter 2024

Urban Apologetics (AP624)

Dr. Carl Ellis, Jr., Provost’s Professor of Theology and Culture and a Senior Fellow of the African American Leadership Initiative at Reformed Theological Seminary
Tuesday–Friday, Jan 30–Feb 2 | 9:00 am–12:15 pm | 1 credit hour | In-Person

Course Description: An analysis of today’s competing value systems and worldviews including an examination of various social visions. This course explores the hidden forces behind cultural conflict and suggests biblical ways to address it. The emphasis is on the universal influences which give rise to inequality, using the African American experience as a case study. Included in this course are new biblically based categories and concepts that can facilitate the emergence of new movements to address today’s cultural confusion.


The Life And Thought Of Theodore Beza (HT652)

Dr. David Noe, Professor Emeritus of Classics at Calvin University, pastor of Reformation OPC in Grand Rapids, MI, and proprietor of Latin Per Diem
Tuesday–Friday, Jan 16–19 | 1:15–4:30 pm | 1 credit hour | In-Person

Course Description: This course is an introduction to the life and work of French Reformer Theodore Beza, 1519–1605. We will examine in brief Beza’s education prior to conversion, his time at Lausanne, and finally his long service in Geneva as Calvin’s successor in the company of pastors. Readings will be drawn from primary sources, as well as works by Scott Manetsch, Kirk Summers, and the instructor.


Missions In Europe (PT627)

Rev. David Stoddard, International Director for Europe, Mission to the World
Tuesday–Friday, Jan 30–Feb 2 | 1:15–4:30 pm | 1 credit hour | In-Person

Course Description: What can the worldwide church learn about evangelism and church-planting from the European church? Europe was the first continent to be Christianized, the first to be de-Christianized and hopefully the first to be re-Christianized. This course explores the key political, social, economic, and religious influences affecting Europe’s church context today. Particular attention is given to current trends in missions to Europe and best practices for church-planting. The aim of this course is not just to educate students about Europe, but to equip them to apply lessons learned to evangelism and church-planting in their own local church context.


Spring 2024

English Bible Survey (OT520)

Rev. Zach Keele, Pastor of Escondido OPC Wednesdays
Feb 14–May 15 | 6:00–7:55 pm | 2 credit hours | In-Person

Course Description: An introductory overview of the content of the Scriptures in English translation, especially for students desiring to increase their knowledge of the chronology of redemptive history and the structure and contents of the Old Testament and New Testament writings.



NOTE: Minors (persons under 17 years old) are permitted to audit or listen to a course only when they have either graduated from high school or passed the GED exam, or the instructor in charge has given permission. Please contact the Registrar (registrar@wscal.edu) if you would like to obtain a listener’s pass for your dependent.