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Current Students

Hear what our students have to say about their experience at Westminster Seminary California.

“The community here is both shoulder-to-shoulder and face-to-face; there is profound unity in our kingdom-minded purpose that heartens us onwards as siblings in Christ. It is a true gift getting to closely witness the growth of my brothers into their roles as future ministers of the gospel. Our interactions inside and outside the classroom add invaluable depth to my experience here, and I have felt my voice as equally welcome in this community of learners.”

–Hannah Huyck (MATS Student, Class of 2025)

“One of the biggest draws for me was the quality of the faculty. We have accomplished scholars, who are also practitioners with decades of experience. Our professors desire not only academic excellence, but a heart of service for Christ and his Church. The faculty are the first to demonstrate that these two pursuits are not mutually exclusive.”

–Eddie Mercado (MDiv Student, Class of 2025)

“As a future minister to the Korean American church, I know that what my people will need from me is the pure, unadulterated message of the gospel, proclaimed to them with accuracy and fervent love. I cannot think of a better place than Westminster Seminary for shaping me into such a minister, with its emphasis on the original languages and solid, confessional teaching, all rooted in the love of Christ expressed in his gospel.”

–David Oh (MDiv Student, Class of 2026)

WSC Alumni

See what our alumni have been up to since their time at Westminster Seminary California.

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