Annual Conference

2024 Annual Conference

“Our Aim Is Love”

Among the final words of Paul to his “son” Timothy was a reminder of why we do what we do in the church: “the aim of our charge is love” (1 Tim 1:5). No goal is more noble, more demanding, or more gratifying. How do we, as the church, keep our sight set on love as we carry out the ministry of Word, sacrament and discipline? How do we, as believers, faithfully carry out the stewardship of God’s grace entrusted to us so that we build one another up in love?

This year’s conference takes aim at such questions with a view to encouraging all who attend, both in their individual callings in the church and in our mutual vision for the church, to pursue purity of heart and sincerity of faith.

Beyond the edification and fellowship the Annual Conference facilitates, this year, WSCal hopes to provide an opportunity for our community to get to know our growing faculty, including the newest appointments, Dr. David E. Briones and Dr. Jason Pickard. Come, meet our new and dear colleagues, and join us for a weekend of thoughtful reflection and exhortation as we consider our callings.

Registration for our 2024 conference has closed. Please use the buttons below to watch the video footage of the conference. 

2024 Conference Videos

Conference Details


Friday – January 19, 2024

6:00 PM  Registration – Bookstore open
7:00 PM  Welcome
7:10 PM  Introduction – President Joel E. Kim
7:30 PM  Stretch Break
7:40 PM  Plenary I: Our Aim is Love – Dr. Bradley J. Bitner
8:30 PM  Dismissal / Refreshments

Saturday – January 20, 2024 

8:00 AM  Registration – Bookstore open
8:30 AM  Welcome
8:40 AM  Plenary II: A Pure Heart – Dr. A Craig Troxel
9:25 AM  Break / Refreshments
9:45 AM Plenary III: A Good Conscience – Dr. Jason Pickard
10:30 AM  Stretch Break
10:40 AM Plenary IV: A Sincere Faith – Dr. David E. Briones
11:25 AM  Lunch
12:50 PM Plenary V: A Faithful Stewardship – President Joel E. Kim
1:35 PM  Break
1:55 PM  Questions & Answers – Speaker Panel
2:45 PM  Dismissal


Dr. Bradley J. Bitner

Our Aim is Love 
Paul argues in 1 Timothy 1:5-7 that being mindful of the goal in Christian ministry and discipleship keeps us from swerving and wandering. That goal is love–not a love of power or position or platforming, not a love of winning the argument, nor a love of hearing oneself talk. The aim is instead an exemplary love and care for others that finds its source in God’s grace that overflows to us in Christ. When we aim for this love, the church grows and God is glorified.

Dr. A. Craig Troxel

A Pure Heart 
Wisdom says, “keep the heart with all vigilance, because from it flow the springs of life.” Paul agrees. To safeguard love as the proper aim of the ministry, we must also consider its source in a “pure heart.” The fountainhead impacts everything that proceeds from it. The integrity of one’s ministry begins here, in a heart of refined simplicity. The task before us is to discern what a pure heart is and how it relates to love as the aim of the ministry.

Dr. Jason Pickard

A Good Conscience
A good conscience is not something we talk about much these days.  However, Paul teaches us that pastoral love comes, in part, from a good conscience.  Therefore, in this lecture, we will explore the resurrection of the conscience as a fundamental aspect of pastoral care.  We will also ask how we develop a good conscience–spoiler alert: it is only in Christ!

Dr. David E. Briones

A Sincere Faith
There is a lot being said about “faith” these days that challenges the heart of the Reformation. Faith is defined as “faithfulness” or “loyalty.” What these scholars are trying to capture is the connection between faith and love, which results in a “sincere faith.” We will challenge their definition of faith, discover the way in which faith works through love, and consider the practical differences between “sincere” and “insincere faith,” all with the aim of bolstering the saving faith of the saints.

President Joel E. Kim

A Faithful Stewardship
In an age when words and phrases like influencers, platforming or de-platforming, thought-leaders, and viral are commonplace, how does the church and her leaders carry out their ministry? The word that the Bible emphasizes for our ministry of love is faithfulness, faithfulness of the message proclaimed and the messenger who proclaims that message. Thus this message will reflect on the biblical emphasis of quiet faithfulness as stewards of the message of the gospel.


Rates Through 12/1/2023 – $60 (Early Bird Registration)
After 12/1/2023 – $70
After 1/1/2024 – $80

Box lunches are also available for $10.


Cancellations and refund requests must be made in writing (WSC address), by e-mail to [email protected] or by fax (760) 480-0252, and received by Monday, January 1, 2024 in order to receive a full refund, less a $10 cancellation fee.

Location and Travel

Westminster Seminary California
1725 Bear Valley Parkway, Escondido, CA 92027
(888) 480.8474

From Los Angeles

From I-5 or I-15 South – take Hwy 78 east, into Escondido.
At Broadway, where Hwy 78 turns right and becomes a surface street, continue straight ahead on Lincoln Avenue.
At Rose Street, turn right. Rose merges with Boyle Avenue south of East Valley Parkway, and the Seminary campus is at the intersection of Boyle and Bear Valley Parkway on the hill overlooking Bear Valley.

From San Diego

Take Highway 163 north to Interstate 15 north and then exit at Via Rancho Parkway.
Turn right on Via Rancho Parkway (which becomes Bear Valley Parkway) and continue approximately 4.5 miles to the Seminary campus at the intersection of Bear Valley Parkway and Boyle Avenue.
Turn right on Boyle and enter the gates of the Seminary.

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2024 Annual Conference Videos

Dr. Bradley J. Bitner, “Our Aim is Love”

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Dr. A. Craig Troxel, “A Pure Heart”

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Dr. Jason Pickard, “A Good Conscience”

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Dr. David E. Briones, “A Sincere Faith”

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President Joel E. Kim, “A Faithful Stewardship”

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Q&A with Speakers

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