MA in Historical Theology Degree Program


Program Description

A crucial aspect of interpreting the future of theology is knowledge of its past. Westminster Seminary California’s MAHT program equips graduates with an understanding of the historical development of the various Christian theological traditions and the critical skills necessary for evaluating them. Students learn to give an honest and coherent account of the past while gaining a historically-minded approach to contemporary cultural, intellectual, and theological issues facing the Church today.

Through this program, WSC serves the church by training students to give an honest and coherent account of the past as well as to relate significant issues of church history and the history of Christian thought to intellectual and cultural movements.

Our MAHT program is a 2 year and 72 credit program. Students will focus their studies in the areas of historical theology, biblical languages, and systematic theology. For more information, see the degree program outline below.

MAHT Information Degree Comparison

MAHT Program Alumni Testimonial

“There is a great deal of confusion over central issues in the church today, even in Reformed circles. The education I received at WSC gave me solid preparation to face these challenges and to stand firm on the theology of the Reformed Confessions.”


Degree Program Outline



  • Enable students to gain an understanding of Christian theology with particular attention to the historical development of Christian theological traditions and the critical skills to evaluate them
  • Provide students with the knowledge and necessary skills to evaluate the various approaches to the study of history (historiography)
  • Teach students to read and analyze representative theologians and texts from the history of Christianity and understand the history of biblical exegesis
  • Prepare graduates to enter research programs in history or theology
    • Enable students, with further practical training, to use their theological knowledge in such ministries as teaching, missions, or lay church leadership


  • Articulate a coherent account of the history of exegetical and dogmatic theology
  • Demonstrate historical sensitivity in evaluating theology as well as a grasp of the intention behind the various theological formulations in each historical epoch
  • Relate the great issues of historical theology to contemporary intellectual and cultural movements

Course Requirements

MAHT Program

20 credits – Historical Theology (including proposal and thesis)
16 credits – Biblical Greek and Biblical Hebrew Languages
13 credits – Systematic Theology & Apologetics
10 credits – Church History
2 credits – Biblical Studies
2 credits – Graduate Theological Writing and Bibliography
9 credits – Elective
Total: 72 credits (including biblical languages)

For specific course requirements of the Master of Arts in Historical Theology program, please consult the MAHT Checklist (below), one of the MAHT Degree Calendars (below), or the Academic Catalogue.