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From student aid to ministry opportunities while in seminary, you’ll find answers here.



Keep up with the latest on course registration, academic calendars, and more from the Registrar’s Office.

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Field Education

Our Field Education Program integrates on-campus studies with mentored ministry in local churches. Students are given opportunities to develop the skills and gifts necessary for effective ministry.

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Lecture Calendar

Morning devotions, faculty prayer groups, Warfield seminars, and more are available to enrich your spiritual life at Westminster.

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Student Associations

WSC has several associations that foster fellowship and community among students, their families, faculty, and staff.

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Other Helpful Information

Convocation Schedule

You can find the convocation schedule here.

Student Handbook

To view or download a copy of the current WSC Student Handbook, click here.  All students are required to read and abide by the policies outlined in this handbook for the duration of the time that they are enrolled at Westminster Seminary California.

Other Student Policies and Procedures

WSC Academic Catalogue
Annual Campus Security, Crime, and Fire Safety Report (PDF)
Campus Substance Abuse Policy (PDF)

Health Insurance

Due to the inherent financial risks in the event of a student’s or a family member’s accident or illness, WSC strongly encourages all students and their dependents to possess adequate health insurance. It is recommended that students seek out private insurance options in addition to those offered through Covered California. International students must have health insurance while enrolled at WSC and should consider the options provided by ISO Insurance or International Student Insurance.

Statement of Educational Effectiveness

In compliance with DOE and ATS requirements, WSC is pleased to provide information on certain areas of educational effectiveness. The data provided below covers eight areas (Graduates Satisfaction with General Program, Program, Ministry Skills, GPA Trends, Graduation Percentage Rates within 4 years, Retention Rates by Degree, Retention Rates for All Programs, and Placement Rates) and are based on the ATS Graduate Survey Questionnaire and WSC’s institutional internal tracking and is updated annually. Of course there are other metrics for Westminster’s educational effectiveness, some of which cannot be captured by the data sought by the DOE and ATS. Consistent with our founding principles, Westminster Seminary ultimately judges itself with regard to whether it provides a Reformed, rigorous study of God’s Word for the sake of Christ and his church. The metrics set forth below are some of the ways we assess our performance in pursuit of that goal. You can find the statement here.