An Education Worthy of Your Calling

For more than forty years, Westminster Seminary California has been committed to a rigorous, Christ-centered, face-to-face, and confessionally Reformed theological education. With degree programs designed to cultivate biblical, theological, and practical skills, you will be equipped to fulfill your vocation of service to Christ and his church.

What’s Your Calling?

Are you a future pastor, scholar, missionary, or teacher? Do you have a sincere desire to teach and preach the Word of God, strengthen his church through discipleship and counseling, or proclaim the gospel to the nations through foreign missions? Westminster Seminary California exists to prepare you for these callings and more. We look forward to partnering with you in study and practice as you are prepared for the ministry to which you have been called.

Pastoral Ministry / Church Planting

Preach and teach the whole counsel of God, in its Christ-centered, redemptive-historical context, with confidence and clarity gained through the face-to face guidance of experienced pastor-scholars who are committed to the academic and spiritual formation of candidates for leadership in Christ’s church.

Suggested Program: MDiv

Christian Education

Be equipped for discipleship and teaching in churches and Christian schools through a comprehensive foundation in biblical, systematic, and historical theology; develop the tools to communicate the truths of God’s revelation to individuals of all ages.

Suggested Program: Any


Develop a thorough understanding of God and his Word as well as the basic tools for evangelism and missions in order to take the gospel to the nations and apply the Scriptures in a variety of contexts both locally and globally.

Suggested Programs: MDiv, MABS, or MATS

Campus Ministry

Receive the solid scriptural and apologetic foundation needed to disciple and mentor the future leaders of the church and society as they encounter various challenges on college campuses and prepare to serve Christ through their sacred and secular vocations.

Suggested Programs: MDiv, MABS, or MATS


Be equipped to understand the human condition and to apply the sufficient and infallible Word of God with wisdom and skill to the various needs and struggles of God’s people in the church, family and society.

Suggested Programs: MDiv, MABS, or MATS

PhD / Teaching

Build a firm academic foundation through a rigorous Reformed theological education under the guidance of learned professors and thought leaders in church and academy who are also active scholars in the disciplines of biblical, theological, and historical studies.

Suggested Program: Any


Prepare for service as a chaplain in the military, prisons, hospitals, or other capacities through the proclamation of the saving and comforting gospel of Jesus Christ and the application of his Word to a lost and dying world.

Suggested Program: MDiv

Personal Spiritual Enrichment

Enhance your leadership in the family, church, society, and your secular vocation through an in-depth study of God’s Word in its systematic or historical contexts and of its implications for your faith and life.

Suggested Programs: MABS, MATS, or MAHT

Degrees & Programs

Master of Divinity


We teach that Scripture is the inspired, inerrant, infallible, authoritative, and sufficient Word of God. Educating and forming candidates for official, ordained ministries of instruction and leadership in the church as pastors, evangelists, and teachers is the main purpose of the MDiv degree program.

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MA in Biblical Studies


The study of Scripture is founded upon an understanding of the biblical languages, Greek and Hebrew, equipping graduates with the tools to study the bible in the language of its authors, thus enhancing their ability to properly exegete and apply the Word of God.

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MA in Historical Theology


In the MAHT program, students are equipped with a historically-minded approach to evaluate current events of today in relation to all that has come before.

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MA in Theological Studies


This program seeks to give students the knowledge and skills necessary to systematize and apply biblical truth to the intellectual issues confronting the church and the surrounding culture.

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Our Faculty

The strength of our four master’s degree programs lies in our faculty’s commitment to the inerrant Scriptures and the Reformed confessions. The seminary maintains a 1:10 faculty/student ratio and intentionally fosters personal interaction between our accomplished professors and WSC students.

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At WSC, our rigorous curriculum and unparalleled professor access ensure you will receive the most thorough preparation for ministry.

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