Jennifer Kalagi

Class of 2018 & 2019

MA in Biblical Studies (2018) & MA in Theological Studies (2019)

Class of 2018 & 2019

What work or ministries have you been involved with since graduation?

As a stay-at-home mom, I have been grounded in Christ’s work on my behalf and his giving me value in this hidden work. I have been able to feel confident in expositing scripture for my mom’s groups, and I’m always glad to bring the wider perspective of the history of redemption, doctrine, and exegetical understanding to apologetic questions and concerns that are raised among my mom peers. I feel prepared to engage false views with winsomeness and truth. Because of my education at WSC, I feel prepared to raise a family in a world that is ever-increasingly secular and hostile to truth and Christianity.

Have you pursued/completed further education since graduation? If so, where?

I would love to continue my education by pursuing a PhD in Biblical exegesis, especially Greek NT and the cultural context of the writing of the NT. I haven’t started that yet.

How has your seminary education been valuable in your current vocation (or any vocation since graduation)? Has it been valuable in ways you weren’t expecting?

My seminary education has given me grounding in biblical truth and not being swayed by emotionalism. As a stay at home mom, I see ways each day to let God erase “law” from the heart and re-write “gospel,” for myself and for my son. I get to receive God’s grace in the challenging work of motherhood and pass on a rich respect and love for the Word to the next generation. I know the faith I will pass on to my children will be deeper and more rooted because of my time sitting under the teachings of the wise and prayerful professors at WSC.

What would you say to a woman who is currently considering seminary education at WSC?

I know for me, being a woman student at WSC was challenging and I almost quit, but I find that every day since I made the decision to stay I am grateful for the education I was able to receive, for the professors whose humility, devotion, and respect for God’s Word encourages me years later to pursue integrity in my Christian walk. I constantly remember phrases my professors would repeat, like “Luther taught us the preposition for— Christ for me, not just in me”; “which Jesus do you believe in?” on the importance of right teaching. It’s not just book learning that could be done from home that you will receive at WSC, although there is a lot of reading involved. What I gained from the community that is cultivated at WSC paired in a very important way with the intellectual growth I had: the respect for God’s Word, presenting truth in a winsome way, the importance of drawing correct distinctions, the way right belief leads to right living and right worship, the chapel services where the Word of God was expounded to show the beauty of Christ, the prayer meetings where puritans’ prayers were read over us, good sportsmanship on the soccer field, and the other women students who became life-long friends. I cry when I think of the value I received and how I will always be grateful for this experience. Whether I ever continue on to a Ph.D. or continue to stay at home with children, WSC grew me in the Word, and I’m forever grateful. My gratitude will overflow into any sphere of life in which God places me. If you feel called to study the Word in a deep way that will enrich your life forever, WSC is a great choice.