WSC Distinctives

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What makes Westminster Seminary California unique?

WSC offers a distinctly Reformed theological education in order to glorify Christ, promote His Gospel, and serve His Church.

Our Faculty

The WSC faculty are pastor-scholars who are unified in their understanding of the Bible.

  • Pastors. Our faculty are experienced pastors, active in ministry to local churches.
  • Scholars. Our faculty are accomplished scholars (PhDs), who have contributed to critical areas of biblical scholarship.
  • United. Our faculty are theologically unified by the inerrant Word of God, as summarized by the Reformed confessions of faith: The Westminster Standards and Three Forms of Unity.
  • Diverse. Our faculty represent different denominations within the Reformed tradition.

Our Education

The WSC education is a Reformed, rigorous study of God’s Word for the sake of Christ and His Church.

  • Biblical. The WSC education is centered on the inspired, inerrant Word of God. Therefore, the study of the original languages of Hebrew and Greek is a requirement. Scripture is central in all of our classes, for all of our programs.
  • Personal. WSC is committed to face-to-face education that is fostered by the close community of faculty and students.
  • Purposeful. WSC exists to serve Christ, His Gospel, and His Church by preparing the next generation of pastors and leaders.
  • Accredited. WSC is the only fully accredited, independent, interdenominational Reformed seminary in the Western United States.