Westminster Student Association

WSA Activities

WSA activities are supported by the annual student association fee. Traditional activities have included:

Welcome Back BBQ

The school year kicks off with a delicious BBQ where students, faculty, staff, and their families can meet and mingle.

Student Convocation

Once a year, or once a semester, the WSA invites a guest speaker to come to campus to deliver a convocation lecture or lecture series on a topic meant to edify the student body.

Reformation Day Party

This evening includes a Reformation trivia contest and a costume contest—students are encouraged to dress up like Reformers, Bible characters, professors, or heretics.

Strimple Classic

Every spring the faculty and graduating students take on the rest of the students in an epic softball game, which is followed by dinner.

Strimple Cup

This student & faculty Soccer soccer tournament takes place each fall.

Basket-Baugh Tournament

The annual student & faculty basketball tournament, followed by a pizza lunch.

Campus-wide Lunches and Dinners

Free meals provide opportunities for fellowship among current and prospective students.

WSA Officers for 2023–2024

The officers of the WSA (president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer) are elected annually by all full-time students.
President: John Kirby
Vice President: Mitch Watson
Secretary: Hannah Huyck
Treasurer: Shon Barrett

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