Westminster Women’s Fellowship

WWF is a group for the women of WSC: students, staff, and wives of students, faculty, and staff. We are excited to get to know new women and help them get connected to our community!

What is WWF?

WWF exists to serve the women in our community and create opportunities for them to engage in fellowship with one another. Moving to a new place and starting a different phase of life can be difficult, so WWF hopes to help you develop strong bonds with the other women in your community to encourage one another, grow in faith together, and have fun!

Facebook Group

Event invitations and reminders are sent via the Westminster Women’s Fellowship e-mail listserv and a closed group on Facebook. Members of WWF also use the Facebook group to set up other events, pass along baby gear or furniture, and post encouraging articles.

To be added, please email us at westminsterwomensfellowship@gmail.com with your email address, and we’ll get you set up on our email list.  Also feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Monthly Events

WWF hosts events monthly, beginning with an event to welcome new student wives and female students. During the school year there are monthly events, like craft nights, potlucks, a holiday brunch, and more! These events are a great chance to meet other student wives and students and bond over the seminary experience while having lots of fun.

WWF Events Schedule 2023-24

Date: Tuesday, Sept 12 @ 7–9pm
Event: New Student Welcome

Date: Saturday, Oct 19 @ 7–9pm
Event: Wisdom of Seminary Wives

Date: Saturday, Oct 28
Event: Stuff Swap

Date: Friday, Nov 3 @ 7–9 pm
Event: Fall Craft Night

Date: Saturday, Dec 2 @ 10am–12pm
Event: Christmas Brunch

Date: Saturday, Feb 3 @ 5:30–7:30pm
Event: Global Potluck Dinner

Date: April — Date TBD
Event: WSC Clean Up Day

Date: Saturday, May 4 @ 9:30am–12pm
Event: Panel & Farewell to Grads

Date: Saturday, May 18
Event: Stuff Swap

Contact westminsterwomensfellowship@gmail.com with any questions.