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Dennis E. Johnson

Professor of Practical Theology

Dr. Johnson has taught at Westminster Seminary California since 1982. He previously pastored Orthodox Presbyterian churches in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, and East Los Angeles, California. After teaching New Testament for 16 years, he now teaches primarily preaching and ministry courses, in which he applies his background in biblical studies to the issues of ministry, the church, and the culture.

Dr. Johnson is Associate Pastor of New Life Presbyterian Church, a Presbyterian Church in America congregation in Escondido. He has served as moderator of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church General Assembly and Presbytery of Southern California, moderator of South Coast Presbytery in the Presbyterian Church in America, member of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church Committee on Christian Education, and trustee of Covenant College. Dr. Johnson preached and taught in various countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

What I Want to Instill in My Students
“First of all, I want to make sure my students are trusting in Christ’s death and his righteousness alone for their standing before God. When I teach preaching, I really want to emphasize that no matter what text of the Bible we are preaching from, the question we need to ask is, ‘How does this relate to Christ?’ I also want my students to leave WSC as servants of Christ who are winsomely bold. Not arrogantly bold, but humbly bold.”

Areas of Interest and Research
Homiletics; Hermeneutics, especially the interrelation of the OT and the NT; Christian education, especially the process of encouraging growth in godliness by exhibiting the diverse implications of the gospel of God’s grace in Christ

An interview with Dennis E. Johnson