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Annual Conference 2016 Wrap-Up

Conference attendees talk about their take-aways from the faculty lectures on the Holy Spirit.

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Question & Answer Session - Speaker Panel

Resident Faculty   |   January 16,2016   |  Type: WSC Conferences, The Lord and Giver of Life

Faculty speakers answer questions related to the Holy Spirit.

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It is through the ordinary means of grace instituted by Christ that the Spirit brings about his extraordinary “new creation” in this present age.

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The Holy Spirit and Preaching

This session addresses the conviction that the Holy Spirit is absolutely necessary for both the one preaching the sermon and the one hearing it.

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The Holy Spirit at Pentecost

Now in the new covenant the Spirit of God (who empowered Israel’s kings, prophets, and priests) distributes to all believers his diverse gifts, to enable every member of Christ’s body to serve others and foster the growth of the whole church.

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The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament

Dr. Estelle discusses the role of the Holy Spirit in the Hebrew Bible: creating and recreating, writing, testifying to, and guiding the Hebrews

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The Holy Spirit in our Confessions

Not only is the Spirit present in our confessions, but we have overlooked a number of insights regarding the person and work of the Spirit as it appears in the confessions.

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Montanus, Topeka, and Sister

Montanus to Joachim of Fiore to Aimme Semple McPherson, Christians have been challenged to expect more from the Spirit. What does church history teach about such expectations and how should we react to them today?

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