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Audit Opportunities
Audit Opportunities

Auditing a course enables you to listen in on the theological conversations happening at WSC. For select courses we offer a Listener’s Pass, which allows you to enjoy the benefits of auditing, at a reduced rate ($125.00 per course). Alumni and spouses of current full-time students, faculty, and staff may obtain a Listener’s Pass free of charge.

If you are interested in a Listener’s Pass for other courses offered at WSC (see the course schedule posted on the Academic Calendar webpage), please contact the registrar ( 

Register for a Listener’s Pass for this course here:


Fall 2023 

A Pauline Theology of Grace in Philemon (NT505)

Dr. David Briones, Associate Professor of New Testament at WSC
Thursdays, Aug 31–Nov 30 | 3:45pm – 4:40 pm 1 credit hour | In-Person

Course Description: Is there theology in the book of Philemon? This course will prove that there is. Students will be exposed to a rich theology of grace in this seemingly insignificant letter about a Christian master (Philemon) who was wronged by his runaway slave (Onesimus). We will begin by examining Paul’s theology of grace in 2 Corinthians 8-9 before identifying that same theological framework within Philemon. In the process, students will refine their Greek exegetical skills, enhance their ability to read theologically, understand the essential connection between social and theological aspects in Paul’s thought, become acquainted with the ancient institutions of slavery and gift exchange, and interact graciously and critically with those who interpret the book through Critical Race Theory. But more importantly, students will discover how the grace of God radically reconfigures and powerfully reconciles relationships “in Christ” for the glory of God. The implications for future pastors and leaders will become self-evident as they prepare to proclaim and apply the gospel of grace in a fractured and fallen world.


Contemplating God’s Existence and Attributes with Stephen Charnock (ST650)

Dr. Jason Pickard, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology at WSC
Thursdays, Aug 31–Nov 30 | 1:45pm – 3:40pm 2 credit hours | In-Person

Course Description: In this course we will consider Charnock's great work On the Existence and Attributes of God. We will explore Charnock's exegetical and theological foundations for God's existence and attributes. In order to do this, we will consider Charnock's place within the Augustinian and Reformed tradition. Throughout, we will pay attention to how Charnock's understanding of God is indebted to, but also builds upon this theological foundation. Thus, our goal is not only learning about Charnock but also using Charnock to do theology.

NOTE: Minors (persons under 17 years old) are permitted to audit or listen to a course only when they have either graduated from high school or passed the GED exam, or the instructor in charge has given permission. Please contact the Registrar ( if you would like to obtain a listener's pass for your dependent.