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M.A. (Biblical Studies)

M.A. (Biblical Studies)

With the Reformers, we cry, “Sola scriptura,” acknowledging that Scripture alone is our authority over the life of faith. As students prepare for both ecclesiastical and secular vocations, we believe there is no better foundation than a thorough knowledge of God’s Word. At Westminster Seminary California, the Masters in Biblical Studies program focuses on how the study of Scripture is founded upon an understanding of the biblical languages, Greek and Hebrew, equipping graduates with the tools to study the Bible in the language of its authors, thus enhancing their ability to properly exegete and apply the Word of God.

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alumni testimonial

“The Biblical Studies program at WSC offered me an experience akin to watching a black and white movie in full color for the first time. I gained new eyes that recognize Christ in all of Scripture and new ears that hear his story as the answer to life’s ultimate questions.”

brenda jung, M.A.B.S. Degree

Biblical Languages Degree Purposes

  • Enable students to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to correctly interpret the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments
  • Prepare students to read and exegete the Greek and Hebrew text
  • Prepare graduates for graduate research opportunities in Old or New Testament studies; or, with further practical training, to use their biblical knowledge in such ministries as teaching, missions, counseling, or lay church leadership


  • Apply knowledge of the biblical languages, historical circumstances, and literary and theological interrelationships to exegete Scripture accurately
  • Analyze contemporary trends in biblical interpretation with discernment

Course Requirements

26 credits Biblical Studies
20 credits Greek and Biblical Hebrew Languages
10 credits Systematic Theology & Apologetics
2 credits Church History
2 credits Graduate Theological Writing and Bibliography
2 credits Historical Theology
10 credits Elective
72 credits Total Credit Hours Including Biblical Languages


Specific course requirements for the Master of Arts in Biblical Studies program can be found in the WSC Catalogue.