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Master of Divinity Degree

Master of Divinity Degree

At Westminster Seminary California, we teach that Scripture is the inspired, inerrant, infallible, authoritative, and sufficient Word of God.We hold that the Word of God is living and active, and is still the greatest need of the world today. Therefore, we are committed to training faithful pastors, teachers, and missionaries seeking to join our master of divinity program who will rightly divide and proclaim the Word of truth--bringing God’s Word to God’s people, thus equipping the body of Christ to carry the Gospel of Christ into the world.

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M. DIV alumni testimonial

“WSC helped me to love Christ, his gospel, and his church more, thus laying an invaluable foundation for being a confessional churchman. WSC equipped me with the necessary biblical, theological, and practical tools to effectively minister and defend the gospel.”

simon jooste, m.div.

M. Div Program Purposes

Since our founding, we have been committed to educating and forming candidates for official, ordained ministries of instruction and leadership in the church as pastors, evangelists, and teachers. To prepare ordained leaders who believe and love the Word of God, and who strive to explore, communicate, and defend the depth and breadth of the instruction of the Scriptures for faith and life.

Divinity Degree Objectives

Our integrated curriculum balances academic studies in each of the core theological disciplines with the practical application of God’s Word to the church and to individuals through preaching, witness, leadership, and spiritual nurture.

Master of Divinity Degree Course Requirements

26 credits Biblical Studies

24 credits

Systematic Theology & Apologetics
20 credits Greek and Hebrew Languages
20 credits Practical Theology
10 credits Church History
2 credits Graduate Theological Writing and Bibliography
2 credits Historical Theology
6 credits Elective
110 credits Total Credit Hours Including Biblical Languages


Specific course requirements for the Master of Divinity program can be found in the WSC Catalogue.