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Experience a Westminster Seminary California Course in Orange County

Are you interested in seminary? Are you a church officer interested in continuing education? Are you a layperson interested in learning more about the Bible? This fall, Westminster Seminary California is coming to Orange County. Dr. J.V. Fesko, Academic Dean and Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology at WSC, will teach a one-credit course titled “Covenant Theology” at New Life Fullerton on September 23 and 30, 2017. Audit registration is open to the general public and academic credit is available to those who successfully complete the admissions application process.

ST 540 Covenant Theology

Fall 2017
J. V. Fesko |
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Course Description

This course surveys classic Reformed threefold covenant theology: the covenants of redemption, works, and grace. It presents a historical, exegetical, and theological examination of the subject. This course assists students in understanding Reformed theology and the systematic interconnections of biblical doctrines.

Course Objectives

  • Have a better understanding of classic threefold Reformed covenant theology
  • Understand the historical development of covenant theology
  • Understand the exegetical rationale for covenant theology
  • Be able to address criticisms against classic covenant theology

Meeting Times, Dates, and Location

  • Saturday, September 23 and 30
  • 8.00am – 3.30pm (1.5 hour lunch break)
  • New Life PCA – Fullerton
    • 1430 E. Orangethorpe Ave., Fullerton, CA 92831


Registration for the course is now closed. We hope that you will be able to join us for a course in the future.