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Latest Faculty Publication: Telfer on Vitringa

September 28, 2016


Associate Professor of Biblical Languages, Charles Telfer, has a new book that has just been released, Wrestling with Isaiah: The Exegetical Methodology of Campegius Vitringa (1659-1722). Theologians in the late seventeenth- and early eighteenth century acknowledged that Vitringa was a theologial giant, but sadly the sands of time have buried his legacy until now. Dr. Telfer's work is a fascinating study on how Vitringa engaged exegetically the book of Isaiah. If you can't lay hold of a copy, you can go to your local library and borrow it through Inter-Library Loan. Most good libraries will offer this service. Dr. Telfer has done some excellent work and if you're interested in Reformed theology, the history of exegesis, and Isaiah, you'll definitely not want to miss out on this feast of research! Tolle et lege! Take up and read!