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Seminary: a Wife’s Perspective

February 14, 2013


By Gina Davis

Seminary has been one of the best experiences for our family. My husband Nick began attending Westminster Seminary California three months before we got married and has a year and a half left. I love our life as a seminary family for many reasons. Not only because I have met some of my best friends here, but I also have seen my husband transform into such an amazing man and have been able to learn so much from him being a student. Before Calvin (our son) was born I was working at the front office of the seminary and also at the White Horse Inn on campus. Being able to meet and interact with Nick’s professors, the staff, and the families of the school has helped me to further appreciate the training he is receiving.

With this life of being a seminary wife comes many challenges as well. I have watched my husband spend entire nights writing papers for multiple classes, study for finals with a mound of books surrounding him, have seen him stress and pray over sermon prep for 80 + hours every time he is asked to exhort and have helped him with hundreds of flash cards for both Greek and Hebrew. It also means being ok with your dining room table, dressers, coffee table, car, trunk, and nightstand being cluttered with books on a daily basis.  Being a seminary wife means being able to realize that although Nick does not have a single full-time “job” and spends much of his time at school studying, he is in a season of preparation for what we believe the Lord has called him to. I can remember many nights where I would be mad at Nick for studying or not working more, but by God’s grace I have now embraced this season and have even grown to love it! I find myself now dreading the idea of him not being in seminary and I also never look forward to graduation each May because that means some of our closest friends must graduate.

Yes seminary is very demanding and time consuming, but watching Nick read God’s Word to Calvin and hearing him ask “What is your only comfort in life and in death?” I am further reminded of how sweet it is and what a blessing it is to have a husband who desires to serve the Lord and his family. Lord-willing one day I will be able to hear my husband preach the Gospel each Sunday and I know that the preparation and training he is receiving at Westminster is vital for him to be able to preach and teach God’s Word for such a time as that. Until/If that time comes I will enjoy him leading us in family worship and having conversations with him about what he is going through in class.

Even if your husband is not in seminary, I am sure you have had to endure the sacrifices of being a wife to a sinner. Everyday I battle with being patient, understanding, and kind to him despite how my day has gone. My prayer is that God would continue to sanctify me through my marriage and through this season of our life together.