Dennis and Jane Johnson Lectures On Missions

In November, WSC hosted the inaugural “Dennis and Jane Johnson Lectures On Missions” event. WSC alumni, friends, local church members, prospective students, current students, students' families, staff, and faculty enjoyed lectures by alum Dr. Lloyd Kim, who is the Coordinator for Mission to the World, the missions agency of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). In addition to the lectures, Dr. Kim had a lunch conversation with students on campus. 

Dr. Kim's lectures are available to you (see link below) and focused on the relevance of Sola Scriptura to worldview, authority, sacred texts, leadership, and to ministry models in Southeast Asia. “If the Church does not know the Scriptures well, other things fill this vacuum of authority. What things? Experience, feelings, advice from experts, culture, parents, and politics of the day. The Scriptures alone need to be the authority over all our faith and life.”

Dr. Kim also reminded us to be good and faithful students of the Word and the theology it contains. “Sola Scriptura should cultivate leadership that serves the body rather than lording over the flock. It seems very simplistic but quite honestly it's something we need to check ourselves constantly for. Instead of leaders using Scripture to maintain a certain power and authority, Scripture should be the ultimate authority over all of our lives. In 2 Peter 1:19-21 Peter appeals to Scripture as the ultimate authority, outside of himself.” 

Remembering the ministry of Dennis and Jane Johnson, WSC has established this annual lecture series in missions in partnership with New Life Presbyterian Church in order to invite distinguished and experienced missionaries on campus to teach and challenge the seminary community. We hope you will plan to join us or to tune in for next year's lectures in Fall 2020!

Listen to lectures here: