Office Hours talks with Rev. Dr. Dennis Johnson, Professor of Practical Theology at Westminster Seminary California, about his book Him We Proclaim: Preaching Christ from All the Scriptures.  He talks about what it means to preach Christ from all of Scripture and about what it means to be a faithful student and minister of God's Word. 

“Him We Proclaim advocates the Christ-centered, redemptive-historical, missiologically-communicated, grace-grounded method of Bible interpretation that the apostles learned from Jesus and practiced in their Gospel proclamation. Moving beyond theory, it shows how apostolic preaching opens up various biblical texts: history, law, wisdom, psalm, prophecy, parable, doctrine, exhortation, and apocalyptic vision.” – The WSC Bookstore

For more resources on preaching: “Him We Proclaim: The Art and Science of Preaching Christ” (a collection of some of our best resources on why we preach Christ and how to preach Christ).