Office Hours talks with Rev. David Strain, Minister of Teaching and Mission at First Presbyterian Churchin Jackson, Mississippi, about suffering for the sake of the gospel in a mainline national church, his own call to the pastorate, and his recent lectures to our students. David was born and reared in Glasgow, Scotland. He became a Christian through the faithful witness of a high school classmate and began to discern the call to proclaim the gospel early in his Christian life. He received a BA in Fine Art from the University of Dundee, after which he served for two years in student ministry with the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship. He earned a BD from Trinity College at Glasgow University, and a Diploma in Theology from the Free Church of Scotland College in Edinburgh, Scotland, after which he was called to be the senior pastor of the London City Presbyterian Church in downtown London, where he served for five years prior to coming to Main Street PCA in Columbus, Mississippi in August of 2008. Most recently, David us pursuing a Doctor of Ministry degree at RTS in Jackson. David is married to Sheena, and they have two boys, Euan and Joel.

*Note: When this episode was originally recorded, David was serving as pastor of Main Street PCA. He is now Minister of Teaching and Mission at First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, Mississippi.